What can I do?

Everyone – individuals, families, small businesses, corporations, and large institutions – can help support the local economy by committing to buying more local products and services.

  1. Assess your current spending habits. For a week, track where your money goes. What percentage was spent at local businesses?
  2. Commit to a shift. Even small amounts can make a difference. Based on your assessment, pledge to shift just 10% of your spending to support the local economy.
  3. Think local first. We’re not suggesting that 100% of your purchases should be made at local businesses. But when you’re making a purchase, consider your local options first. Is the business located in Rhode Island? Is it independently owned and locally controlled? Does it use local sources?
  4. Know your options. Chances are we have it here! There is a lot more available in Rhode Island than you might think. Visit Buy Local RI for a directory.
  5. Think beyond your personal spending. Can an organization or business you’re involved with shift a portion of its spending?
  6. Spread the message. Encourage your family, friends, and coworkers to buy local. Tell the world why you buy local on social media using @BuyLocalRI and add the Buy Local RI Badge or banner to your newsletter and your website.


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